Women of Worth, Utah FAQs:

Q – When was WoW Utah founded?
A – WoW Utah was founded in 2011 by Judee Guay, a survivor of several auto-immune diseases and verbal and emotional abuse. It was Judee’s vision to empower women with the knowledge that they can create change for themselves that not only enables them to overcome partner abuse, severe illness, drug & alcohol addiction, forced polygamy and financial hardship, but gives them a strong sense of their worth to achieve whatever they set their sights on. She instituted a women-helping-women model through a year-long mentoring program with monthly “worth shops” that culminate into an elaborate, red carpet event that celebrates the women’s completion of the 12-month journey. The overwhelming support of the charitable cause propelled WoW Utah to a tax-exempt status approved by the Internal Revenue Code with 100% of donations and fundraising proceeds earmarked to support the women in the program. Today, nearly 50 women have transformed their lives and can declare publicly, “I AM A WOMAN OF WORTH.”

Q – What is the mission of WoW Utah?
A – WoW Utah empowers women to achieve life-long success after they have overcome abuse, addiction, alcoholism, catastrophic illness, disability, or economic hardship, by giving them life skills, confidence tools, and finishing touches with total makeovers.

Q – How can a person get involved with WoW Utah?
A – Volunteer's are needed for two events, our WoW Utah fundraiser in May and the Gala in November, Donations, Mentoring and recommendation of the program to others.

Q – How are participants chosen?
A – Right now is the perfect time to get involved as WoW is accepting applications for mentor positions and accepting nominations of women who could benefitt from the program. Just go to wowutah.org and click on the appropriate links. Women selected into the program are out of crisis and determined to be willing to commit to a year of life skills coaching facilitated through mentoring support. Those accepted into the annual program are matched with screened, trained volunteers who provide guidance throughout the duration of the WoW Utah journey, which includes a series of monthly “worth shops” provided by professionals in their field. WoW Utah is not a therapeutic program and does not offer mental health or medical services.

Q – What are some of the worth shops?
A – These day-long trainings have themes that include, but are not limited to:

  • Vision Books – If you envision it, you can create it.

  • Archetype Identification – What influences the way you express yourself? from the perspective of Positive Psychology.

  • Refuse to be a Victim of Life – Personal safety, nutrition, budgeting and saving, and forming healthy relationships.

  • The WoW Factor – The solution to a problem is only an idea away.


For more information, please contact Founder Judee Guay judee@wowutah.org or 801-884-3065