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How We Help

The women we serve are pampered by a team of amazing volunteers who are each professional in their own trade. We focus on developing the whole woman by offering valuable life skills and confidence tools. At the end of the program, each Woman of Worth will also receive a makeover by our team of stylists and fashion experts. She will receive a collection of business attire and casual clothing, so she can feel confident and beautiful in her personal and professional life. 

Who We Serve

WoWUtah assists courageous women who have lost everything in order to escape abuse and polygamy, overcome substance abuse, and survived a debilitating illness. We are committed to helping these women as they strive to regain their hope and strength to build a life of security for themselves and their families.

Who We Are

WoWUtah encourages, educates and empowers women to change their lives. Each year deserving women in Utah are given the opportunity to create their own new beginning as they move forward from having survived devastating life experiences. We give these women the tools to transform from the inside-out, arming them with the skills and confidence they need to believe that they are worthy, capable and enough!

The Process

WoWUtah, Inc. provides life skills and experiences to assist all of our women on the journey of continued personal self-development. Our Women of Worth will be treated to a 2-day retreat where they will be in a space to give them clarity, calmness, and connection to themselves and their mentors. They will experience guest speakers, life skill tools and self-esteem tools to start them on this journey of transformation towards loving themselves and being who they are created to be.

After the two-day event, WoW Utah provides ongoing coaching and mentoring to facilitate lasting change by providing monthly calls or Worthshops with such topics as goal setting, health and nutrition, body language, interviewing skills, positive body image, and other positive resources for self-esteem building. Throughout the year’s program, they continually receive support to facilitate lasting change through our calls, Worthshops and mentoring.

We assist and network with other organizations with similar missions to maximize our efforts in helping these women thus ultimately helping their families and breaking the cyclic pattern for our Women of Worth to live the life they deserve. The end of the year will culminate with a celebration of achievement for their transformation at the Gala Event.

Our Women of Worth then transition into our second-year program as volunteers and mentors, where they serve other women who are still trying to find their path. This allows them to remain a part of the WoW family and to continue to grow and develop by attending and being a part of the calls and Worthshops throughout the year.